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ZMzettelkasten for Linux - Release Notes

last Änderung 2009-10-16

Slip-Box for Linux by "Zettelkasten of Niklas Luhmann"

ZMzettelkasten Version 0.41RC3 (2008-07-11) ist available Download here

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ZMzettelkasten Release 0.42

(Oct. 2009)

Meanwhile Daniel took out its Zettelkasten Version 3 written in Java. Since Version 3 uses a differend fileformat, ZMzettelkasten is not compatible to this Version 3 files. It stays on Version 2.7 file format.

new Features:

Bug fixes:

ZMzettelkasten Release 0.41


new Features:

Bug fixes:

ZMzettelkasten Release 0.40


First Version supporting more English. For other Languages I will need help translation the POT-Files (Languages Strings)

new Features:

Note: The language is switched by the desktop "Locale". The ZMzettelkasten default is German. So if your Locale is not "en_XX" you may see German language Version.
Open a Linux Console, set a valid Locale like for example export LC_ALL=en_GB.utf8 and start ZMzettelkasten from command line. You should get the English version now. Help to translate to other language versions is welcome.

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ZMzettelkasten Release 0.39


It should have been the English Version but translation was not ready yet.

new Features:

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